7. 1” above the chalk line you just created, trim excess fabric
8. Fold and press the top edge 1/2”, then fold and press again at the chalk line. Baste the edge so that it is secure when you attach it to the stretchy belly fabric
Now we are going to work on the belly panel for a bit:
9. Pull the cotton ribbing (ribbing should be vertical) tight around the widest portion of your belly and mark it with your chalk
10. Creating a seam allowance of 1/2”, cut the ribbing using the measurement you just took (mine was about 32”+ 1/2”+1/2”)
11. Fold and press the cotton ribbing in half from top to bottom, trimming the raw edge so that the piece measures between 6 1/2” to 9” from raw edge to folded edge. That is, the height of the panel should, when stretched, be able to extend from your pubic bone to the top of your belly (using a tape, my measurement from pubic bone to top of belly is about 12”, but my panel is about 8” and I have a very long waist)
12. Baste the edges of the fabric here. This creates the long tube that will form the belly panel
13. Seam the cut edges of the fabric. Now you have a complete belly panel!


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