1. Follow skirt pattern, skipping zipper insertion (just seam up where that zipper would go), and stopping before the waistband step
2. Pull on skirt, inside out if possible (you may need to rip a few seams)
3. Standing in front of a mirror, use the chalk to outline the bottom of your belly. At the side seams, mark the top of your hip bones
4. Return to your work station and using your straight edge, make sure your curve is centered and relatively symmetrical and adjust as needed. Also check your hip marks—make adjustments so they are also symmetrical
5. Using the chalk, extend the belly curve to the two hip marks you made, so you have a solid chalk line from the right side seam to the left side seam, with the lowest point being in the exact center
6. Flip the skirt over and, using the straight edge, extend the chalk line across the backside from hip mark to hip mark


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