You may remember (although probably not), that back in March 2011, "fashionsewingblog": first looked at the sewing of a ‘hip / inset’ pocket.

My post, entitled – How To Sew An Inset Pocket, looked at, by means of a slideshow, the sewing and construction of such a pocket.

After a request by a "fashionsewingblog": reader, I have decided to write this second post, covering the sewing of a hip pocket further, BUT, include an easy to follow video tutorial.

Pocket Sized Things You Should Sew!

The ‘hip’ pocket is also known as an inset pocket.

A hip / inset pocket is sewn within the waistline AND side seam of a garment.

A hip / inset pocket is more suited to the front of a garment.

The pocket may be used as a decorative feature to add design and flair to a garment, often added with other details such as pleats and gathers.

There are two sections to the hip / inset pocket -

A – A back section, which covers the hip area and can be in a contrasted fabric to that of the garment.

B – The lining fabric, sewn and then stitched into place inside of the hip / inset pocket.


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