Anleitung für das perfekte Annähen von Schrägband am Beispiel eines Korsetts.

Technique Materials

Satin-, Baumwoll-, oder sonstiges Schrägband

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    Jan 28, 2009, 03.42 PMby wonov

    Wirklich große Fotographien!

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    Nov 27, 2008, 09.26 AMby grinchy

    Wunderbar! Ich muss dieses Beispiel machen! Danke <3 (Ich bin ein Deutche Studentin haha, und ich wird diese machen ins Deutch. Ich bin viel besseres an Vorlesung als Schreiben)

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    Nov 26, 2008, 07.23 PMby hotaru

    Here’s a translation of the text. I used a translation tool to help.

    Inclined Band – So it is perfect! Instructions for the perfect Oblique Volume Stitch by the example of a corset.

    Step 1 of 8

    The oblique band at the lower edge is now the oblique band, as follows.

    First is plugged, it is so oblique band half opened. And on the underside of the workpiece. That means the outer edge of the oblique band must exactly match the outer edge of the corset (or whatever your workpiece is) complete. Give you trouble, this can determine the success or failure! And time savings and less stuck break a neck. Then it is not so clean.

    Step 2 of 8

    On the seam is now entlanggenäht. Also must be very accurate. So sews in case of doubt only very slowly, so that seam is also clean. This is very important.

    Step 3 of 8

    A third of Nahtzugabe including the oblique aufgenähten band has now gone. That will cut back. Tip: The thinner the fabric, or the fewer layers, the less you’ll have from the Nahtzugabe with helical tape cut away.

    Why is this step: Right and left on the fabric is the seam of the oblique band now no longer collide. That means on the underside of the material is the seam of the external oblique band gets Nahtschatten now, which means that the seam is slightly above the sloping band.

    Step 4 of 8

    For clean degrees when I go oblique band as follows:

    # Step 5 of 8

    see picture.

    # Step 6 of 8

    see picture.

    # STEP 7 of 8

    Here, the oblique band angenäht so clean that even a close-up trucks may # Step 8 of 8

    If you outside on the sloping seam tape does not want to see

    Then it makes it easy the other way, then sew the first oblique band is not on the base, but on the upside. Here it may be advisable to insert the seam and yet with the top of the piece above, since this is perfect and then you see exactly where they eventually landed (for beginners certainly interesting, even for me)

    Questions and ambiguities like to me,

    With Love, Velvet

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