This is a method I made up for piping on knits. My base fabric is a very light knit( the kind from your nightmares) and I did the piping with knit ribbing. The ribbing is heavier than my base knit and I got beautiful results so I think this would work even better on a medium or heavy weight knit.

When I decided on this detail the first thing I did was try the traditional piping technique (a tube with stuff in it) the results was a very weighted down seam and the slightest inconsistency in my seam allowance showed. So I searched the net for tips but when I found none I decided to write one from my experience, this is my first time writing a how to.

The piping is actually not a tube but a strip that takes advantage of ribbing's tendency to curl when stretched on the cross grain.

Technique Materials

Knit and Knit Ribbing


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