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To properly sew a collar, the undersides need to be interfaced. Interfacing is also known as fusible, and it is a thin material with a glue on one side, that you iron on to the wrong side of your fabric; this gives the fabric extra stiffness. When making a collar, the interfacing goes on the under collar and under stand (the layer of fabric closest to the body). Here, we show you one way to properly interface a collar and collar stand.

Technique Materials

project with a collar, interfacing

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  • Dona_gilbert_large

    Sep 30, 2015, 04.18 AMby Donagilbert

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  • Missing

    Aug 18, 2015, 04.18 AMby analogue23

    This is the best instruction technique I’ve found so far on this site. I love the mnemonic: ""I don’t want glue on my ironing board or my iron; I want it on the wrong side of the fabric, where it belongs!"" tip, so you will use interfacing properly. The pictures and the instructions were succinct, instructive, well done.

    TIP TO WEBSITE ADMINISTRATOR/IT PERSON: The coding for your comments is bizarre. If this is done on purpose, it is a bit odd- the problem is, the Comments only appear on ONE page, as in, they do not appear in other steps of the instruction. No one will see the comments unless they click on the specific part (i.e., part 1, part 2, and so on) of the tutorial. For conformity, the comments really should appear on ALL parts of the tutorial… for exxample, I’ve copy & pasted this very comment on two separate parts of tutorial, sans the “tip for admins”.

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