In this post, I’d like to look at, and explain by way of a video tutorial, the use of a narrow hemming foot on your sewing machine.

This is in response to a request by a "Fashion Sewing Blog": reader who wanted to know more about this fantastic little sewing machine attachment.

Before we start, I’d first like to say that although a narrow hemming foot will do the same job no matter the make and model of your machine, the feet can vary in width or look dependant on which sewing machine you use.

A Quick Guide!

1 – Place your fabric on the sewing machine, wrong side up, aligning the raw edge to the outer edge of the hemming foot.

2 – Sew 2-3 stitches and lift the foot. DO NOT cut the threads.

3 – Pull the threads away from the machine to create thread tails. About 8 cms – 3 inches in length.

4 – Place your fabric back under the hemming foot, holding onto the thread tails you’ve now created. Use these tails to ease the edge of the fabric into the scroll of the foot.

5 – Once the fabric is in the scroll of the hemming foot, put it down and start to sew, guiding the fabric with your fingers.

6 – Keep the fabric at a slight angle at the front of the foot.

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Happy fashion sewing

Colleen G Lea


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