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This is a technique I've done on a few different garments and even though I haven't yet perfected their art, I've still found them to be extraordinarily beautiful. I've picked up tips and tricks here and there from various sources on the best way to do these for the home seamstress, so my info is a mish mash of this and that. And much of it is based on what is available to us nowdays. For instance, finding true buttonhole gimp....I've looked high and low and have never been able to find any, so I've listed my best substitute.

Technique Materials

You will need the following:

♥ buttonhole twist (you can buy beautiful silk threads here or another option is to use the pearlized cotton found by the embroidery threads, you can also use wool thread which is great for a "hairy" effect or even on sweaters!) Tip: buttonhole twist is different from other threads. You need a fat, tightly woven thread, so sadly regular thread and embroidery floss do not work. (believe me, I've tried, you'll cry because I did)
♥ buttonhole gimp (I use a strand of the buttonhole twist or for a sturdier option use button and craft thread)
♥ beeswax
♥ fray check
♥ small shears or a seam ripper for cutting buttonholes


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