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I don’t tend to make official New Years Resolutions but this year I do want to spend more effort in finishing of my garments in order to finally crack that elusive rtw look, which we all know is the antithesis of the “home-made” look. A big part of achieving this is good pressing, something I am pretty good at but I still need a bit of help in the form of some sewing gadgets and I love a good sewing gadget!

The first of these new gadgets was to be a sleeve board. I discovered while making my Gok coat the difficulty of pressing long sleeve seams without one means I am always creating two outer creases that can be hard to remove later on. A rolled up towel will only suffice for so long therefore a sleeve board has been on the menu since then.

Technique Materials

Length of timber, Felt Ironing Board Underlay, Fabric for covering the sleeve board, Elastic or cord to secure the cover, Wood Screws, Handy Husband (or similar) preferably who enjoys power tools (this shouldn’t be a difficult find), Power/detail/palm/mouse sander (or old fashion sand paper and sanding block, see note re: Jigsaw), Drill & drill bits, counter sink bit, Screwdriver


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