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3. To calculate how much the allocated grade will be, you must divide the overall grade by four. Why four, you ask? This is to ensure the overall grade is evenly distributed among the four parts of the pattern/body, the left front, the left back, the right front, and the right back. Then, to distribute the allocated grade with each of the lines illustrated in step 1, you must use the formula written below.

A-B= ¼ of allocated grade = 3/4” (1 cm)

C-D= ¼ of allocated grade = 3/4” (1 cm)

E-F= ½ of allocated grade = 1 ½” (2 cm)

G-H= ¼ of allocated grade = 3/4” (1 cm)

I-J= ¼ of allocated grade = 3/4” (1 cm)

Mark these measurements on your pattern.

*These formulas come from a calculation of all the parts of the pattern body/etc…. and is a bit difficult to explain. We will overload you with this explanation in the following How To.


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