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The dummy needs to be up off the ground so that you can easily see inside it while you fill it. It doesn’t matter what you use to lay it on just make sure it’s something you don’t care if you get messed up as it will not come off once it cures. Lay the dummy either chest side or back side down, whichever you prefer. Just make sure you have it laying so that the shape isn’t pressed in as this will alter how the form comes out. The whole point of making a dummy of yourself is that it is your exact shape.

Now the can says that it is a “one time use” can but this is not necessarily true. As long as you clear out the long tube you can use it a second time if you shake it and there’s still liquid in it. It “tacks” up in 15 minutes so if you still have some in the can this is when you clear out the tube. The tube comes apart in two pieces, the long straight one and the bent one. Once you do the first pass and leave the dummy alone so it can tack up then make sure to unscrew the tube and leave that alone for 15 minutes. Then you can pull the long part off the bent part and simply take a long thin piece of wire and run it through the long piece. Next use the same wire to push the foam in the bent part out. Check the nozzle area that the tube screws down on and see if it is clear. If not then use the wire to clear this out. Don’t leave it past 15 minutes before trying to clear it out as the longer it sits the more it will harden and then you can’t use the tube again.

When you spray the foam in make sure to go in a single layer with a little space in between the lines. Remember this stuff expands so give it room to do so. Do only one side at a time - all of the front or all of the back. Spray side to side but don't go up the sides, as it expands it will go up the sides anyway. Once you have one side done then leave it alone for 15 minutes while it tacks up. It takes 8 hours to fully "cure" and up until that time you can still "shape" it after the first 15 minutes. Once it starts curing the foam will push the dummy out of shape a little so check it every hour and push it back into shape where needed. That's another great thing about the foam, you can still shape if it pushes out something that shouldn't be pushed out. If you can be patient, then let the one side fully cure before turning it over and doing the other side.


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