Prepare your tracing paper. The Saral Transfer or Tracing Paper comes in a handy roll which is 12 inches wide by 12 feet long. However you might find the pieces you want to trace are wider than 12 inches, especially for a full skirt, so let’s unroll the paper, find the middle and cut it into two lengths. Place these side by side with a small overlap, with the transfer side DOWN and then tape them together on the back side. If you tape on the transfer side, then it won’t transfer!

Now you have a big sheet about 23 inches wide by 6ft. You can roll it back up again afterwards – this stuff will last you for years!

I use the Red Transfer Paper for tracing patterns to the white paper, and I love the White Transfer Paper for tracing directly onto dark fabrics or for transferring pattern markings or stitching lines onto fabrics. If you have a light fabric you can use the red paper to mark – both will wash out – but if in doubt or you have an expensive fabric, please test them on a scrap first.

(You can visit So Sew Easy for the full tutorial including additional photos and links.


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