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These instructions aim to help you understand how changes to the design of the collar affect the shape of the collar that you make as a result, and hence to guide you in making such changes. Although the shirt collar shown here is a standup collar for a man's shirt, similar considerations will also apply to collars on women's shirts or other types of collars, albeit under a wider range of variation. The principles remain common to all collars. Furthermore, these instructions complement those provided on drafting the men's shirt block. Note that I was inspired by two books in preparing this tutorial : Winifred Aldrich's book called "Metric Pattern Cutting for Menswear" and also the invaluable "Shirtmaking" by David Page Coffin. The latter is a mine of information about making shirts, with a special focus on men's shirts.

Technique Materials

paper, pencil, ruler, French curve (or dinner plate if you have none), flexible measuring tape or piece of string


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