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Now, extend the vertical line from the point "o" downwards until it's length is equal to the measured SLEEVE LENGTH of the wearer plus 1 cm (3/8"), and mark this point (point "c"). If you have not measured the SLEEVE LENGTH, you can estimate it from the standard sizes by selecting one of the following values : XS : 57,1 cm (22&3/8"), S : 57,8 cm (22&5/8"), M : 58,5 cm (22&7/8"), L : 59,2 cm (23&1/8"), XL : 59,9 cm (23&3/8"), XXL : 60,6 cm (23&5/8"), XXXL : 61,3 cm (23&7/8"). Draw a horizontal line towards the left from point "c", out to roughly the same distance as point "b" is from point "a".


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