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Measure one half the BACK size plus 2,5 cm (1") from point "C" to the right and mark this point (point "N"). If you do not have a measurement of the back, but do know the standard size your garment will have, use the appropriate value from the following list : XS : 31,4 cm (12&1/4"), S : 32,9 cm (12&7/8"), M : 34,4 cm (13&1/2"), L : 35,9 cm (14"), XL : 37,4 cm (14&5/8"), XXL : 38,9 cm (15&1/4"), XXXL : 40,4 cm (15&3/4"). Now draw a vertical line upward from point "N", passing across the line between points "J" and "K" (mark the intersection point "P"), and across the line between points "L" and "M" (mark this intersection point "Q") until level with the origin (point "O") - call this point "R". This should be a light construction line. If you are planning on designing a jacket, add 4,5 cm (1 & 3/4") instead of 2,5 cm (1") to the initial measurement (the BACK size).


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