If you are getting serious your developing your own fashion, you need to establish what style you would like to develop. Here 5 steps to help you to do just that :)

Step 1. Know Who You Are/ Who You Want To Be

How do you like to get dress in the morning? What do you wear when you want to feel sexy and powerful? Would you consider yourself conservative, excentric or just plain wild? What do you wear when you want to be casual? What is currently in your wardrobe? What would you wear to go on a date?

Answering those questions (and the ones that will come to your mind while doing it), will help you to know more about your fashion persona.

Step 2. Where To Find Inspiration

One of the best way to find the right inspiration for your style would be to create a scrapbook or storyboard where you will add:

- Pictures of celibrities that you admire the style of.

- Catalogues pictures

- photos of friends, people in the street, at work, the gym,.. that you like

- pictures of clothes you find in second hand shop,..

Under each picture, write why you like the style and any ideas it gives you. You don’t want to be a copycat, you want to be able to create your own voice by combining elements

Step 3: Why do you do it?

Are you looking for the love of your life or just want to seduce again your partner? Do you want to get promoted at work and bringing your business to the next level? Do you want to go out more and meet new people?

Take a notebook and write down your immediate goals. Then check on your style storyboard (that you created in step 2) to see what styles would help to accomplish your goals.

Step 4: Show Them Where The Gold is

What do you love the most in you that you would like to accentuate? I have a wonderful bust and the first thing I did when after I learn to re-design my clothes was to changes all my favorite tops into breath-taking waterfall bustier wonders! Find the parts that you like best and choose the right clothes and accessories to highlight them.

Step 5: know Your Fabrics:

Fabrics is very often forgotten but, as they say in Haut Couture: ‘The Price Tag is in the details!”

Go to an high end shop and check the fabrics they are using for their best pieces. See how the light plays with the garment and how try it on to see how the fabric feel. See what elements they use in their designs You will then discover which fabrics are most flattering for you.

Also remember that different fabrics can be used for different activities (evening, party, business,...) and seasons (summer, winter,...).

Technique Materials

Hope this was useful and feel free to visit me at

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  • Flower_closeup_large

    Feb 10, 2014, 06.46 PMby purplefan

    Amusing photo of the cat greeting the sun! Had to smile…

    Was reading your post and can say I have a hard time feeling much of anything exciting about my wardrobe-it runs to practical tomboy style for practical reasons and limited funds to revamp the closet (clothes are hard but shoes are very limited). Sexy/powerful is a long way for me to reach but think a dress or two might help expedite the process. While I do enjoy taking apart Elle Canada for clipping the colourful clothing featured, it did not occur to me to write wardrobe goals with the clippings-will consider writing some thoughts so I can remember what inspired me to save certain images. I collect the clippings to glue onto a page and tape on a door-the idea is to see if I can find anything close to the colour or print or even fabric. I keep hoping to find some of the floral fabrics that Burda Style tends to use in its spring dress issue May but local stores just don’t deliver. Online shopping is out of reach. Toronto, ON might yield a find or two but that’s a planned trip once or twice per year. I’m not much of a celebrity fashion watcher-I feel some celebrities have yet to find their own style because they pay people to choose wardrobes for public appearances and the expensive price tags are not in my reach regardless. Would like to find Canadian designers that produce clothing I can wear. Occasionally, I can see a top that someone gives me and know if I clip or put a dart or change a feature, that top will be wearable.

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