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First things first. Trace the top buckle piece onto your interfacing. Now here’s the tricky part. You have to come up with how much wrap around you’ll need for the outside of your buckle and this varies depending on shape, size and width. You’ve got to measure two things. The height of the buckle (how deep it is) and the width inside the buckle. The height of this particular buckle is about 1/8″ and I’ve got a width inside of the buckle of about 3/4″ giving me a rough total of 7/8″ to work with. Now I don’t need or want to use all of that space otherwise the inside will be crammed, so I’m going to shave off 1/4″ and give myself 5/8″ to work with. So extend the outside line however much you need to in order to get a good wrap around. I did 5/8″ for mine.


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