I recently discovered that my torso, or more specifically the distance between my waist and my shoulders, is three inches longer than the average pattern. THREE INCHES! This explains a lot, and also requires some pattern adjusting.

Because that part of my torso is so long, the key for me is not just to make my garments longer, but to actually lower the waistline by three inches. This is very important to ensuring proper fit, not just making sure that my belly button is covered, especially for any garment that has waist shaping, darts, etc that are meant to contour to the body.

While there have been entire books written on the subject, the following are some basic tips for adjusting your garments to fit properly.

Check out more techniques at: "MadeByMeg":

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    Feb 8, 2014, 11.24 AMby natnoon

    Me too. I want to start making dresses for myself so the waist sits in the right spot. I’m also a larger size because I am tall with a little extra weight but I still have a waist and an hourglass shape. I find that trying to pick a size by my measurements just doesn’t work. Often the size recommended swims on me, particularly the neckline being too wide. But it is still too short in the body. I’m trying really hard to just get a basic bodice pattern to fit me because I figure once I have that I can use it as a base for all sorts of dresses. I’m still trying. I will check out your articles.

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