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We’re getting married!
And … you’d sew my wedding dress?
Of course, very much … that was in January 2014 When will you get married then? In summer …. ….
The date was then the beginning of summer, exactly the 21/06/2014, the summer solstice.
It was browsed and searched on the Internet, almost decided and rejected. Again and again printed the most beautiful ideas and even drawn, she is an interior designer. In early March there was a decision for the model of models. A drawing and a lot of questions from me, what materials it should be for. We arrived fairly quick results, and the necessary quantities were noted. Always with the important information: if 90 cm wide, then this amount when 1.40 m wide, then that amount …. etc. etc. And as my future daughter then bought the fabric was still on the phone shortly … . everything worked.

Then came the complete stock and a bright prospective daughter-in …. with a residual of 1.30 m cord lace, various other ingredients and less than 28 m² finest tulle. The Petticoat underskirt but has really consumed all of this really incredible amount. Three stages sewn and are classified in the waist without a millimeter. This small waist but should get no more than necessary to Zentimeterchen.

For the bikini top I have to cut even completely designed himself and corrected at the model and adjusted. The first fitting was for both of us been a tremendous joy. Of course, my son could not see anything. He was sent into the kitchen and has done so with my husband over wedding menu his thoughts. For the two men also a very nice affair.

Gradually, the wedding dress then took his finished form. The flowers jewelry for the bride hairstyle she herself has made​​, a few tips for those flowers she took of me like this.

The dress was of course draped between the fittings on a dress form. If both then came to visit, it had to be permanently supplied hung with a colorful summer fabric …. everything worked brilliantly.

The wedding was a very successful event for all family members. The beams of the two spouses speaks volumes. It went up at five in the clock …. only did she exchanged her bridal shoes flat against comfy red shoes just before the end of the celebration.

The festive decorations of the wedding hall with over 100 folded white cranes of the castle has the bride herself made​​, the groom, so my son has helped then active at a dizzy height in the placement of the cranes.