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Well, it’s still more or less the dog days of winter here in PA, but I made a new sundress, it’s vintage Vogue v8812 I purchased on sale a couple years ago, and as you have probably guessed, I was listening to Florence + The Machine at one point or another when I made this dress. There are some adjustments I’d like to make to the dress, the top mainly, I thought I had adjusted it well enough but trying on the finished project (to my lack up surprise) I had to take it in just a little.
I had just enough fabric for this as there was 3 ish yards left on he bolt when I purchased it. I knew I wanted to make a 1940s dress out of it but wasn’t sure which one of my patterns I wanted to use; with the still freezing weather we’ve been having I chose possibly the most summery dress pattern I have. I’m also happy with the button closure. I actually don’t have trouble buttoning myself into the dress (yay!). I did lengthen the bodice (1.5in) then take a slightly larger seam allowance because I like the look with the slightly higher waist. I was also inspired by photos of sundresses with cardigans on pinterest and that is most likely what set me on this pattern. I think the colors of the print lend themselves to any season and also more options for different colors of shoes. I’m considering adding a patch pocket to the right side of the dress if I have enough fabric left to match it (I’ve seen those on some 1930s and 40s patterns on pinterest…). I wore this ensemble to church today and nobody asked if I made this dress (either they assume I make most of my dresses or this one is one of the best looking ones.)
I have close-up photos of the hem, buttonholes and buttons on my instagram @pictureit17

Thanks to my mom for the photos.