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This dress is probably the most amazing fabric ever. It’s an Italian ponte from Tessuti fabrics, that sold out on the day it was back in the shop. Luckily I work ten minutes’ walk from the store, so I headed over there during my lunchtime and snapped some up. I had to choose a pattern where the fabric didn’t overwhelm but where I wouldn’t lose any of the fun of it. I decided to go with the drop-waist gather dress from Drape Drape. It’s a semi fitted pattern with a tulip skirt, and the fabric is cut all in one piece.

This was my first make from Drape Drape, a book I’d seen a lot but was always a bit daunted by. I was surprised at how quick this was to make. All up, measuring, pattern placement and sewing took me only a matter of hours. Basically it’s the best sort of pattern – one that looks much harder to make than it is!

More on my blog: http://antipodeanstitcher.blogspot.com.au/2016/12/punto-drape-dress.html