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I made this top based loosely on the Colette patterns sorbetto top, I have made the sorbetto top before and knew that it fit round me, I had also already made the adaptations for an FBA, and liked the neckline, so my pattern was 3/4 of the way there. For this top I added sleeves by drawing outward from just below where the armhole would be (i.e the sleeve is all part of the main pattern piece – no nasty joining/setting in sleeves for us beginner types!), and created a new pattern, I measured my arms to ensure the sleeves would fit my bingo wings, and …..tadaaa! Now I have this pattern it will be dead easy to whizz up more of these. I also added some turn back detail to my sleeves – I had an old top like this and liked the feature, but also I had cut my arms too long so it fixed both issues!