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I love to wear chiffon dresses in the fall. To me this flowing delicate and transparent fabric is destined for this romantic season. And I like to emphasize its beautiful qualities by layering chiffon with other textures: velvety suede, thick fur, crocheted wool or slick leather.

I made this dress two years ago and it is still my fall’s favorite.

Technically this dress consists of two different dresses: a chiffon dress and a slip dress of nude color that serves as “fond de robe”. I used 2,5 meters of chiffon and 1 meter of viscose jersey to make it.

The main dress is based on the pattern from February issue for 2013 that underwent many changes. I wanted to make the skirt of this transparent dress fuller and more gathered, so I used only the pattern for the top part of the dress, and added a larger panel of gathered fabric for the bottom of the dress. The front part of the top consists of two halves that facilitated to make a little slit neckline opening in the front. The neckline is finished with a strip of the same fabric cut on bias. I folded it into a little loop on one end and added a decorative button on the other.

For better fit and comfort I added an elastic band to the seam allowance on the waistline. To finish the hemline of this delicate dress I used the “baby hem” technique.

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