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I recently was blessed with a wonderful wedding day here in Australia, and I handmade my own Flowergirl’s Dress and my 3 Bridesmaid’s Dresses.

For the Bridesmaid’s Dresses, I consulted with the ladies to make sure I chose a dress that they all felt comfortable with. They wanted a dress that had shoulder straps, wasn’t too clingy / tight, long, flattering for anyone who might have a small pregnant tummy or a waistline that could be let out if need be, and something that would suit bigger and smaller ladies. For this I chose McCalls Pattern M6893, and chose the variation with the long skirt, straps and sweetheart bodice.

It was very easy to make, and would also make a nice maxi dress for Summer as well.

For the Flowergirl’s Dress I chose Vogue Pattern V7819. It involved more layers and fabrics and was slightly more involved than the Bridesmaid’s simple dress, but wasn’t very difficult overall.

One of the Bridesmaids and the Flowergirl lived in different states to me, so I had to make part of it, post it over to them each, get them to try it on and pin it and post back to me, a few times to get the right fit.

Although it was fairly easy to do these dresses, it did take a bit longer than I had expected as I was also doing all the other wedding stuff and had to post these items to the girls a few times for fittings. I had plenty of time luckily and was able to get it done in time, but if you were planning to also make your own – I recommend that you definitely make sure you give yourself way more time than you expect you will need.

Hope you like the dresses, sorry I don’t have any better photos of them!!