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Ladies Bra, and Bikini Bottom – Kombi Knits by Beverley Sharp #309A 1979

Hi I made some undies! Three sets all using the same late 70s patterns for a bra and a bikini pants. The stretch material remnants that I made them out of were all more recent, albeit scrap pieces which weren’t large enough, or appropriate enough (- especially the transparent blue lace lol) to even make a bikini set. The instructions I had to follow carefully to ensure the tension of the elastics were correct in the right places i.e. everything is tucked away. I used elastic lace to trim all edges of the bra, as well as around the uppermost edge of the pants. I did however stretch the elastic too tightly around the edges of the black bra set because now they are all too wavy when lying on a flat surface. I referenced a real bra to assemble the bra shoulder extender slides and rings correctly along the elastic lace straps. My application of the hook and eye clasps leaves a bit to be desired too lol. They are all very comfy matching sets. I felt pretty daring to try them on so you can see the fit haha. location: ponsonby