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Have you ever found a beautiful fabric that was so perfect that you were afraid to do anything with it? A bad design or an errant cut could ruin it forever (or so you think). This red tweed was definitely such a challenge.

During a Christmas 2014 sale, I purchased an absolutely amazing red tweed wool fabric and honey leather buttons from Britex Fabrics. I had my eyes on the red tweed for a very long time before I purchased it. The price was well over $100/yd and I wasn’t sure if the material and colors were as vibrant as they appeared to be online. But to my surprise and delight, I was very impressed with both its quality and colors. (Britex even wrapped it up so nicely!)

I only purchased a yard of the tweed. I knew I wanted to pair it with beige cashmere and the honey leather I had stashed in my closest. I left all the materials in a pile on my eye-level shelf for about two months for inspiration (and to motivate me to finish my orders so I could make the coat for myself). I had a variety of different design ideas, (See a few of the many design idea photos I sent my family & friends in the slideshow below). My sisters could tell you how many (annoying) texts and emails they received as I planned this coat’s pattern and design.

After much thought and feedback from family, I nailed down a coat pattern and coat design. I ultimately chose to make a coat from Burdastyle’s 3/2013 #103 shirt pattern. It was a shirt pattern, but I knew (with adjustments) it had the potential to be an awesome coat!…

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