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It’s hard to say either the cape warms me or I warm the cape but anyway I’m ready to wear it all days and nights:-)
I needed a new raincoat this year, selected several patterns but as I couldn’t choose the only one, I decided to make a cape:-)
In fact, I was thinking of making a cape quite a long time and looked through many models and projects but yet I chose this practical pattern. It can be made of any length, doesn’t constrain movements, lets me use my hands without having them cold and I can wear underneath as many warm sweaters as I want and still look slim:-))

I processed the cape with the lining fully both for warmth and for better look and fit. I left the holes for hands – 12 cm from shoulder seams and prolonged the side seams for 40 cm not to give a chance to the wind to play with my outfit:); top-stitches are made along the side and bottom edge for 2.5 cm; I also added one more button in front and omitted the one on the collar: to keep the neck in warmth I crocheted a short cowl of the matching colour ( the pattern was taken here http://www.lionbrand.com/patterns/90438AD.html)

I guess the self-crocheted hat completes the outfit well:)
The pattern is from Burda11/2005, #106A.