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This is the Burda two way dress, which is a delightfully simple project, with a great result. I picked up the two fabrics in Edinburgh in a lovely fabric shop in Bruntsfield. The top half is a wool challis and to be honest, it was hard to tell the wrong and right sides apart, so I think the front is wrong side out. The skirt part is a beautiful quality ponte which must have a high Lycra content as it seems to give a good shape and line. I didn’t line the skirt, although it recommends this, but with this fabric it just wasn’t necessary. The top is gathered at the base to fit the skirt, and when I tried it on without the gathers, it would make a great causal top over a close fitting top and jeans. I’ve gone down a size in Burda patterns and despite cutting this out in 36, I ended up with a skirt that was far too large and to ease the fitting, I just took an enormous chunk out of the centre front and the centre back. Not very text book to have a front midline seam, but hey, it fits and the untrained eye will think it’s supposed to be like that. This dress is both comfortable and smart and a good asset to my (shrunk) wardrobe and body.