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I only had 2 small pieces (ca. 30 × 100) of this beautiful vintage (60-70ies) japanese kimono fabric – yes, they originally belonged to a kimono :-). It is a very fine thin wool with a tender cherry blossom print and delicate pastel colours.

I reflected for a long time what to do with these pieces, I made many sketches. There should be something simple, so there is no need to cut too much the fabric. Also it should be something modern, with NO Asian elements… To use the pieces as whole rectangles, it should be some angular design, so I eliminated all curves, including in the neckline and the armholes.

And this way, step by step, I came to the result you see now: an asymmetrical dress with layer look in the skirt.
What as a sketch seemed to be simple, crystallized as rather complicated when constructing the pattern. Indeed, this is my most complex pattern so far. Because of the asymmetry I had to work with the whole pattern witdh instead of the half as usual. The darts should be inverted, that means on the right side of the fabric, and exactly on the same hight (unfortunately there was not possible to make them equal wide).

In the skirt part I wasn´t sure if to left the pieces hang loosely on top of each other, or if to sew them together… after many fittings, I decided to sew them.

The Japanese fabric has an underlining of silk organza, because it is very thin, almost transparent. The white fabric is wool with lycra, so I renounced the underlining in order to maintain the elasticity. The dress has a silk habotai lining. The zipper is on the side, to not destroy the backline. And the best is: I washed all fabrics before, so now the whole dress is washable! (it already survived a washing in the machine :-)).

During the work on this dress, I often was unsure if I really like the design… now, as it is finished, it is very comfortable to wear and I think, I could befriend it… I find it funny that the result remembers me of a Japanese kimono, although that was not my intention at all :-) :-) :-)