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Long time bevor I started sewing, my big passion was flamenco dance.
2,5 years ago I dicovered sewing and then stopped dancing. But I couldn´t live completely without dancing, so last september I started again, after a 2 years break…

We studied a „siguiriya“, this is a very sad dramatic music + dance.
And now, after one year of work, the summit: we should present our choreography at the final fiesta in Theater Akzent in Vienna!

For our dance we should all have some purple dress. I had one in burgundy and it was also ok. But 3 weeks before the fiesta all came with their costumes, and my lovely teacher said to me: „your dress is too reddish, but you can sew anyway, so couldn´t you quickly sew a purple dress?“

At the first moment I was desperate, because I wanted to use the last weeks to intensively train the choreography for the stage!

That night I couldn´t sleep. I lay awake in my bed and planned my new dress. Eventually I stand up and drew it. Then I combed through my fabric stash seeking a purple fabric – although I knew there wasn´t any. But I found some beautiful portuguese lace witch imitates the typical flamenco polka dots – great! Unfortunately there were only 5m of it, which is not much for ruffles. After that I looked on ebay for purple fabrics and because I wasn´t sure about colour and thickness I ordered 5 different fabrics!

From those I chose a purple polyester velvet – generally I´m not a fan of velvet, but for a stage costum for a dramatical dance it seemed perfect to me. Above all, the fabric is a 4-way stretch, so it offers complete free moving space.

The pattern is very simple, front and back are equal, the back neckline is just a little bit deeper. Darts and zipper weren´t necessary. From the small amount of lace was only possible a ruffle on the bottom of the dress and one on the sleeves. The other ruffles are made of velvet, they are cut as circles and additionally pleated (totally 4m of fabric were needed). From the last rests of the lace I cut the single circles out and sewed them on the sleeves and neckline.

The whole sewing took 5 days, after that I still had time to train the choreograpy – UFFFFF!

Last Monday 22. it was the big day! Everything went fine, we all enjoyed it very much!
I was very very happy with my new dress: not only I got lots of compliments for it, but it also fulfilled ist function: perfect length – not too short (doesn´t look well) and not too long (one steps on it while dancing) – and absolutely comfortable. After all I am now very happy that I was „constrained“ to sew this dress!