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when i saw the fabric, i just knew i wanted to make it as a shirt dress. but not just any usual shirt dress. you know me, i like surprises.

a short while ago i got a stack of vintage patterns from a friend, and one of them was this blouse pattern from Vogue no. 8276 (see last pic). i’ve always wanted to try a vintage pattern, and this one looked promising. thankfully it was my size. i used it as a base for the top part.

at first i thought the darts would be a pain in the a**se to do, but it went by like a breeze! next, i decided to add small gathered sleeves. for the back side, i added a peekaboo factor with a black polka dot tulle. then i added cut-out details on the sides of the waist part. the skirt part is basically made of 3 rectangles, and to make it so that the cut-out parts don’t hang loose i added elastic bands exactly under the cut-out parts. and that’s not all yet for the details! i also added hidden side pockets!

i don’t know what got into me, i just felt like adding this and that tiny details to this dress. it took me far longer than usual to complete this dress, what with the pattern altering & sewing the buttons… and i also believe my sewing machine is slowly dying, as it was jammed hundreds of times while i sew this. :( but i finally managed to finish it, and the result is everything i had wished for in a shirt dress.

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