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I fell in love with this silky swallow print fabric and I intended to make another Alexander McQueen top.

I am simply intrigued by the simplicity and effectiveness of buttons in this butterfly wings pattern. The original pattern has 7 buttons at the front and 8 at the back, I believe I added a little bit more than that!
I have used a swallow buckle belt and Valentino Garavani gold satin sandals to accessorise it.

The back of the dress is more spectacular, with the string of buttons going along the spine.

I initially wanted to use white pearls for buttons, instead I used orange simple dots of colour on an already satin finished fabric. The buttons simply blend in really nicely.

I like the subtle sheen of this fabric and the colour theme, however – I must confess – it was so difficult to work with it. It took a lot of patience to align and stitch all those button loops, but there we go!

Hem needs to be finished, I wanted to take advantage of the afternoon sun before we get more rain!

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