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Last year I bought online three colours of wool/silk fabrics. You already know the first one – the blue Bettina. When I wore it last Sunday I remembered how nice this fabric is to wear and I felt a sudden urge to make the dresses from the other colours.
I took the beige-pink combination and used the top part of the dress 121 from Burda 12/2008 again (you know this dress from my projects under the name Zuza). I added the collar and the buttons along the front, these are just an embelishment because there are studs underneath.

This time the skirt part is much fuller – I wanted to make a circle or half-circle skirt but I misjudged the amount of fabric I had. I thought it was 2,5 m but it turned out I only had 2 m, so I just took a long rectangle and made some box pleats. I really recommend this pattern, it doesn’t require any advanced sewing skills (no setting in sleeves, yatta! ^^) and it fits well. Adding a collar was much easier that I imagined.