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I found this dress on Burda Style website! It was the perfect inspiration for me to jumpstart my sewing passion. I used a sand washed silk with a watercolor wash.
I purchased Meg Healy’s instruction video because of the unique front X construction. After downloading and printing the pattern on 30 8 1/2 × 11 sheets of paper, I went to work taping and lining up the pages. This took me about 3 hours. I would prefer to download the large drawing on a plotter ( option was for paper size 4A), however this was not an option on the link. I think there used to be instruction for large print options a few years ago on Burda patterns.
Using the great instructional video, I sewed the interesting front. The refresher on inserting an invisible zipper was great because I get rusty on my skills when I take unintended breaks from sewing. I chose not to insert the pocket. As I attached the collar and front facing I ran into excess fabric on the back, just like Meg did on her video. I adjusted the issue by creating a pleat which you can see on the upper back( see photo detail). The dress turned out great except for the upper bust fit and too small on armholes. I’m inspired to try again but will need help to modify the pattern for a larger armscye. Finishing- it was recommended to sew sleeve and hem leaving raw edge. I think it would look better with a hand-stitched hem. I think the back neckline needs to be lengthened to match up with collar. No matter the challenges it was still an inspiring project