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this dress is from the november 2011 issue and I liked it straightaway and I just waited for the right opportunity to make it. It so happened that we were invited to a wedding in october and I knew the moment had finally come. So I started searching for the right material and once I found this lovely olive green lace and matching satin, work could begin. Since the lace was quite pricy I wanted to take extra special care and really took my time with this dress instead of my usual quick afternoon projects. The original dress had sleeves in it, which I actually made, but nobody liked them, so I took them out again. But having the sleeves I thought if I could get a little bit more fabric, I could maybe make a jacket. Luckily I found another 0,5 m and went ahead and made this little jacket for which I used the sleeves from the dress. All in all, I am very happy with this dress. Didn’t think I would get much use out of it, but have already worn it a couple times.