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This is the Burda Batwing Dress that I made with a soft and flowing jersey in a deep aqua color. A few things I need to mention. First, I cut the pattern using the smallest size and I did not add seam allowances hoping it would be a perfect fit as I’m a size 4. Having done all that it’s still a little big and I’ve adjusted the pattern for nice time. Smallest size without seam allowances is a pretty much a size 6.
The skirt had the seam in the front and I just couldn’t get why this would be so I adjusted the pattern with no seam in the front and only side seams. This adjustment didn’t cause me any issues at all so I was happy about that.
This pattern is super easy to make and I love the dress. You could really wear this anytime of the year. I would look great in heels, flats and even boots! I’m really looking forward to making it again in a smaller size.