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I was gonna name this one my favorite dress ever , but I got sentimental and thought that it wouldn’t be fair to my other dresses to play favorites. Talk about childhood trauma. But just between us – this actually IS my favorite dress. Shhh! Don’t let other ones hear us.

It’s a pretty basic shape – fitted bodice and full circle skirt. Bodice is made with pattern #104 from Burda 01/2013, with some modifications. I lowered the neckline a bit and made back opening more scooped, and I also shortened sleeves to 3/4 length. Once again, I used an exposed metal zipper in the back, I just like how it looks against the floral print.

This dress became such a staple piece for me. I feel comfortable wearing it everyday to the office, and at the same time it’s my go to piece when I want to dress up for some fancy occasion. I just throw it on whenever I fell like being pretty, I don’t know why but this dress does that for me. I absolutely love this silhouette, as I said before – nothing beats a circle skirt! In combination with a fitted bodice is always winner for me.
Hope you’ll like it as well :)