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The sketch above was my initial vision of a blouse with flared sleeves and a fitted bodice with buttons holding it together in the back. In a way or another I wanted to flirt a bit with the 30/40’s butterfly-ich sleeves and the 50/60’s buttoned backs. Simply, a vintage inspired piece. Also, this fabric has been lying around since forever waiting to be turned into something. I definitely had this fabric in mind when drafting it since I thought it would complement the style.

The bodice is based on a dress pattern from Stoff och stil which I used for the “Floral Summer Wedding Guest Dress”, but I did some modifications such as switch the zipper in the side to the buttons in the back. I did it quite short to make it go well with high waisted jeans or skirts (I live for high waists!). The sleeves are drawn freestyle by hand.

I’m very happy with the result and will definitely be wearing it to these jeans, high waisted black skinny ones or a black skirt!