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This is a dress that I designed for my wedding reception. It was inspired by the chrysanthemum flower that I used for the bouquets and decorations. I designed the skirt for dancing – to move dynamically when in motion. The green on the underside of the petals is only revealed when I spin. Since the petals shingle they also conveniently hide pockets in the skirt. I split the dress into a top and skirt to maximize the outfit’s utility. The petals on the top are also individually wired so each petal could be folded down creating a “blooming” effect. The dress is also reminiscent of other things like feathers, scales, and, as someone mentioned, the top of a Corinthian column.

I also designed a pair of dance shoes to go with the dress and had them made by Art’s Custom Dance Shoes.

See the dress in motion in our first dance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ESUbXVzPKVs