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For my aunt’s 50th birthday, she requested that the ladies sport something pink. I had seen this amazing Jacquard at Fabricland a few weeks prior and was looking for any excuse to buy it. It looked so stunning on the table! But it was a tad expensive. Womp womp.

So when the invite came around, I had no choice but to get it. Obviously.

The bodice is based off of Simplicity 1873, and the skirt is a good ol’ rectangle that I pleated.

Originally, I had no intention of adding a belt to the dress, but it was a last minute decision. I sort of just guessed how to make it as I was doing it…but it turned out pretty good, me thinks!

More photos here: http://www.sweetshard.com/tutorials/pink-jacquard-and-pleats/

I also did a blind stitch tutorial for this dress: https://youtu.be/ziQutv_M2X0