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My cousin Ricky got married recently in New York and the big debate was…What am I going to wear?! (duh, obviously!) Now, I have quite a few pieces of Indian clothing at home, but I wanted something different…something that I knew no one else would be wearing…something unique from the typical “bling” that you’d normally see at a West Indian wedding. I also wanted to see if I could pull together an outfit actually looked South Asian.

So I decided to make a Lengha (skirt, top and shawl)

I saw this fabric for the skirt a while back and chose to use it for this occasion because it’s fun, flowy and light weight. I also wanted to be able to wear this skirt with a casual outfit. #DoubleDuty!

The top is based off of an old tank top I have & the skirt is a pattern hack from an old pattern my mom has, but was extended 3 inches longer to be floor length.

I’m really happy with the way my lengha turned out and I even got a few compliments on it (yay!). But now that I’ve worn it out (and posted it here!!) it’s going to the back of my closet for a while, haha! #TrueStory.

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