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for this project, i’ve only used fabric scraps from my previous projects.

now… where have you seen those fabrics before that i used in this sewing project? you’ve seen the African wax cotton fabrics (i used 2 different ones) when i made this skirt , and the one i used for the “bib” is a Just Cavalli crepe fabric i used to make this t-shirt . and guess what? i originally only got 70 cm of that Just Cavalli fabric, and still i managed to make a t-shirt and now this top with that small scrap of fabric. :)

i wasn’t planning to use 3 different fabrics at first. but when i was tracing the pattern, i just realized that the 2 fabric scraps of the African wax cotton just weren’t big enough. when you’re already on fire to sew something like i was, you’ll learn to improvise as you go along!

i omitted the seams on the upper part of the top. instead of using piping, i used bias tape, sewn on top of the “bib” and neckline. i also omitted the batting originally used inside the sleeves part, to make them stiff. the African wax cotton fabrics are stiff already as they are, so what would be the point of the batting?

i made the hemline longer than the original by sewing it normally (instead of folding the bottom part upwards to act as a lining for the original hemline). and since i was already using a different fabric for the hem, i decided to make that bottom seam look more interesting by sewing the fabrics first wrong sides together, fold both fabrics’ seam allowances apart, turn them around and sew them down again.

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