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I’ve had this faux leather jacket that I hadn’t been wearing it. So I got an idea for an easy refashioning project. I changed the sleeves and the collar. I just love stand up collars. I had wonderful fabric (20% wool) to go with the faux leather. I think that I’ve finally achieved this cool, modern, edgy look. So I’m really pleased with this. Before that I think that the jacket had this cheap look about it.
I took the sleeves from Burda 1/2015, mod. 104, and the collar from Burda 8/2013, mod. 113. It was risky that the sleeves won’t fit in but I knew that I can squeeze them in some way or the other. The old collar was just big enough to cut the new one out.
Then I carefully ironed the new collar under a kitchen towel and I – of course – managed to destroy a tiny bit of the fabric. It just melted near the iron. I was so (pissed off and) angry at myself. But I just sewed a strip of faux leather over it and it looks fine now. I think that leather and jeans are that kind of a material that can stand ripping, threading, sewing strips of fabric over.