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this was my first time working with scuba fabric. i’m not sure what the differences are, but i somehow believe that scuba = neoprene = bodycon. basically it’s like lycra jersey/knit but thicker. because it’s thicker, it’s easy to sew. and it also has the sturdiness like cotton fabric compared to the usual lycra jersey. but still, it’s stretchy so for example, i didn’t even need to put any zipper or elastic band on the skirt, even though it’s tight-fit on the waist.

at first, i was tempted to make the skirt into a full circle. but then i thought it would be too easy. :p so i started to look for inspirations. i decided to add circle godets to a basic A-line skirt. for the basic skirt pattern, i used Burda Style’s pattern no. 126 from their 12/2013 magazine.

for the hem, i didn’t even sew it at all. it’s enough if you can cut it neatly, because another plus point for scuba fabric is that they don’t fray.

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