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I bought this black and white 3D print and thought it would be suitable to make the fancy pocket dress. I love the fancy pocket dress from the October issue and I believe I made the right fabric choice.

Over the weekend, starting from the Sabbath I had convocation at church and what better way to celebrate it, than with a sophisticated wing pockets and soft pleats. The skirt provides an exciting contrast to the plain fitted bodice which creates a fine figure.

From a distance, the pockets of this dress look like a peplum and have a similar effect making it a wonderfully curvy, seductive silhouette! The bodice, with front and back V-neckline, remains quietly unadorned. However, I made a small modification to the sleeve. The sleeve band was lengthen and widened. I place a pleat in the center from of the sleeve. The modification to the sleeve give it a more balanced effect.

I loved how the dress turned out and it suits my silhouette very much.

What do you think?