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My old camera case was shedding it’s faux suede so I had to make a new one. : ) I made this one from remnants of faux leather, wadding, muslin (the sheer kind, not calico), and a bit of lining fabric. Now, it’s not perfect, but I am quite pleased with it (topstitching aside).

I especially like that I attached the snap fastener by machine. I did that with my button-sewing stitch (14 on my Bernina 380B) on the widest stitch setting, using the open embroidery foot #20 with the feed dogs down.

I made it up as I went along, which is why the flap facing is hand-stitched down inside. With more forethought and a pattern I expect I could do it completely by machine.

The corners are the kind that are stitched as triangles (do they have a name?).

Topstitching takes some practice on faux leather with welt-seams. I will consider this case practice for bag-making. : )

The last photo has is of the case with the camera in it, so I had to take that photo with my Mac’s camera. The strap is attached to the camera, not the case.