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other than dogs, i also love sushis. so finding this fabric made me smile… it’s a Robert Kaufman fabric, from a collection called “Chopsticks, Please!”. and i bought it without knowing what to make of it. this was, oh, 3 years ago?

finally, as usual, the perfect pattern came to my fabrics’ life. i had wanted to combine this sushi fabric with remnants of this stripey jersey, and the pattern no. 127 of Burda Style magazine 10/2014 issue looked just about right. i only had about 1 m of the sushi fabric (110 cm wide) and scraps of the jersey fabric, so i knew it wasn’t going to be enough for a dress. but a sushi top is just as welcome!

i added a band on the hemline like you would to a sweatshirt. for the collar i used a ready-made bias tape i got from my late Grandmum’s old stash. i always like adding a small thing from her stash to my sewing project, it makes me feel as if she’s there with me (i believe she is). as always, sewing an exposed metal zipper was fun & super easy.

on the pictures, i wore the sleeves folded upwards once. i think it looks nicer that way, not too baggy. i made this again in 1 size smaller than my current size, and still it looks oversized. not that i mind a room for movement.

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