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This beautiful interlude brings us to the subject of the day, my famous “top from the Burda Easy Couture Spring / Summer 2014”http://www.burdafashion.com/fr/Magazines/burda-couture-facile-%C3%A9t%C3%A9-2014/3_D_Top_croise/1270777-1808501-1808502-1808506-1808512.html , I was immediately excited. Easy implementation, it takes sexy and perfect for the hot season. So excited that I decided to sacrifice this jersey coat I had in stock for ages. Couture roughly finger in ze noise , I say almost because my fabric was temperamental from beginning to end, to relax ever. But hey, I’ve seen the last …
Except that for once, I have absolutely unconvinced by threading, contrary to what might leave pretend photos. I show you the result because it is part of the game I think, and then, if it is, it will appeal to some. For my part, I do not like rendering. I think it is a rather high suitable for breast-pocket ( which is not the case here lol ). I believe that failure is just at this point because it was a hassle to keep my chest up; before the slot is too deep, suddenly it opens unexpectedly. In short, poverty.

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