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This project was definitely a lot of effort! It’s a DuBarry coat dress in denim, and works equally well as a coat. The pattern is from the early 1940s, but the shortened hem and dark wash denim take it via the 1970s.
I had some problems making it, with the grid lines on the fabric not actually being even, and then cutting out four side back pieces and no centre front or front facings! I had to play around a bit with what fabric I had in order to cut the pieces out, and still didn’t have enough for the facings, so used this bright yellow and floral that I had some remnants of.
It also took a long time to do because the seams are all French seams, and the facings and hem are hand sewn. So a total of over 20 hours of actual sewing.
But I’m so happy with the final result!

A lot more pictures and much more detail at: http://antipodeanstitcher.blogspot.com.au/2015/10/averting-disaster-in-denim-dubarry.html