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Initially I wanted a replacement for my black skinny jeans that are turning grey, then I saw the weather woman on Norwegian TV in black flares that are hugging all the way from the waist to the knee then flaring down and loved that style!

Searched the pattern world for a long time before my decision fell on Mimi G Style skinny jeans for Simplicity (pattern #8222 which also included a cool bomber jacket). Used size 12 curvy for my size 38 waist/size 40 hips frame and it turned out perfect!

Apart from modifying the skinny legs to flared legs, I haven’t deviated from the instructions at all. I used grey denim thread for topstitching instead of black, and I love the fit but there are a few things I might do differently if I use it again:
- Push the back pockets a little bit further out from the middle back.
- Make the belt loops narrower (This could be my fault as I haven’t printed the whole piece. They had it split over 6 pages with nothing else! What a waste of paper!)
- And most importantly, hide the zipper a bit more, it ended up being too close to the center front so it shows a bit.
- And be neater when fixing the bottom of the inner waistband…

But I recommend this pattern and will probably use it again myself to make all kinds of jeans in the future(well, those kinds that are fitted from the waist to the knees…skinny…flared…straight, not boyfriend).

And as I started blogging again, I’ve blogged about these over 2 entries: Project Jeans and Project jeans – part 2 :)