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As much as I love sewing for work, I must admit: there is not that much room left where to stretch business casual. My dress code at work is rather business than casual, and that is a limitation on its own. Not much changed is business world in terms of clothing through past couple of decades, and I really doubt it will change much in future. That does not mean that we can’t have fun, right? A bit of dreaminess in the strict business world can make you feel unique and outside of the box. This time I had a goal: to make a skirt that would make a good pair for this Cappuccino crop top. I wanted something work appropriate, but still interesting with a touch of personal attitude. I came up with this really simple, but somehow very special skirt, at least to me.

Pattern: this is the pencil skirt pattern from Burda o5/2014, I used it previously in this combination of grey skirt suit, I made the top as well, from fabric remnants that I had

Fabric: lightweight crepe and polyester lining

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