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I had a roller blind at my front door, but after they installed burglar bars, the roller was in the way, and with no privacy and little time, we decided to glue the blind to a piece of wood, just to get it closed up. I soon discovered with the blind being further away, it had huge gaps where one could still look into the dining room, where I mostly sit and sew at night. so I decided to take that blind off, and make a bigger, blind, that would also be possible to take off once in a while to wash. so I made it with little loops and this time glued the 2 stick holders to the wall, and not the blind itself. Well, the old blind was pretty block out lining, and I couldn’t throw it out, and decided to make a big enough handbag to fit the diary and ipad! You know, when you have time to sit and sew, someone always come to visit or something else needs priority attention. Between all the interruptions, I still managed to complete it in only 4 hours!